We Don't Ski Much On The Bayou

We Don't Ski Much On The Bayou

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This time next week, will have not long since finished the first day of music, watched A7X for the 5th time and should have made my drunken way back to the tent to continue a night of drinking or be checking out the doghouse (and drinking)


Plus last day of work tomorrow and then I’m handing in my notice! Because they didn’t take me seriously when I told them I needed the holidays that were rejected XD

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You have been warned. Do not scroll if you haven’t seen Days of future past.

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Just got back from the cinema, such an amazing film.

It’s really plays on your emotions, I had no idea how much I liked some of the main cast until they were horrifically killed.

Mostly poor Bobby, got his head cut off and crushed and then he got melted.
Also when they thought they’d won against the dozens of sentinels and then Storm just got speared, I think I actually gasped like an old woman hearing something shocking.

I think 70’s Magneto has given me a thing for 70’s clothes because he really pulled some of that awful clothing off nicely.

Of course I’m completely enthralled during the film but immediately after my brain thinks up all the little niggling details.

Such a little thing by why oh why did they Americanise Quicksilver? They kept his last name as Maximoff but changed his first name to Peter? and since no one called Colossus by his first name I’m assuming it’s because it would have also been altered to Peter and things would have got confusing.

Speaking of names did Storm alter her name permanently to her code name? Not once during the entire film was her real name used, even during Logan’s speech to Charles to gather and help the future members of the X-Men “Storm, Scott, Jean” Surely he could have said Ororo here? She wouldn’t be going by Storm when the professor first meets her.

Also I hate Jean, I couldn’t explain why. I always have since watching the cartoons growing up and the movies didn’t change my mind. So I was pissed about that ending, how exactly does stopping sentinels from being created stop the dark Phoenix from ever rising and thusly stop her from being killed in the future?

It just kinda glossed over the fact that most of the people from First Class were dead. Seriously what happened to them. How do you catch and kill someone who can teleport and what the hell was Magneto doing at the time instead of helping his team.

I actually did love the film though I mostly rant about the continuity, the downside to being an X-Men fan for many years I suppose but I needed a good X-Men movie to clean my brain from the awfulness that was ‘The Wolverine’ and that sure fit the bill.

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